Beat Diabetes Today

Diabetes has been cited as the most challenging health problem in the 21st century. Diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is on the rise along with its dire consequences and premature death. “The good news is that it can be prevented and even reversed with proper lifestyle changes” says Karan Kakkad, Founder & CEO of H-Spree. (

Diabetes can be broadly divided into type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is when the beta cells in the pancreas are unable to make the hormone called insulin and is generally prevalent in children. Type 2 diabetes on the other hand develops because the body is insulin resistant and requires more insulin than normal. The root cause of type 2 diabetes is Insulin Resistance. 90% of all diabetic cases fall under type 2 diabetes, which is also called adult onset diabetes.

But why do people develop Insulin Resistance? “Wrong diet, stress and sedentary lifestyle are major contributor to developing insulin resistance and diabetes” says Mr. Kakkad. “People today, do not realize the power of food. Since 1920s & 1930s, the packet/processed food industry has gone up and so does our lifestyle diseases including diabetes. What these foods lack is fiber. People, who eat enough fiber, never had diabetes. Hundred years back people use to have lots of fiber and there were very rare cases of diabetes or high blood pressure or heart attacks.”

According to Mr. Kakkad, Founder & CEO of H-Spree, “the key here is to treat the underlying cause of the diseases and not to just treat the symptom of the disease. And once we treat the cause of the disease, people can be absolutely fit, fine and healthy even when they are 70 years old.”

Unfortunately, today people only focus on taking medication and suppressing the symptom rather than permanently wiping out the disease by making necessary lifestyle changes. And since they do not treat the root cause, majority diabetic patients have complications in the long run. Either they have heart issues, kidney problem and many more. All of this doesn’t have to happen. There can be a favorable outcome. Premature death and the devastating complications of this disease simply do not have to happen.

“We at H-Spree believe that if people make right food choices and necessary lifestyle changes, they can easily reverse type 2 diabetes. We see that with lot of patients” assures Mr. Kakkad. H-Spree is helping patients across the nation eat their way towards that same outcome – To a healthier outcome. H-Spree exists because every year 68% of the deaths in India are because of lifestyle Diseases i.e. because of diet and lifestyle. They are here to change this statistic. The entire team is dedicated to the idea of helping people live better lives. H-Spree helps you to take absolute control over your health, whether it is losing few kilos, preventing or reversing chronic lifestyle diseases, living a healthy lifestyle or simply making smarter and more informed choices about the food that enters your mouth.

The vast majority of patients who adopts these nutritional and exercise recommendations for diabetes reverse their disease, become healthy and non-diabetic. They are able to gradually lower the dose and eventually discontinue their insulin and other medication. They simply get well.