Matri Mangal in the service of Humanity

Matri Mangal Pratisthan, may not be a renowned name, but have been silently working in the field of medical science in Central Calcutta. Founded in the year 1945 by Dr Y.W Bal, presently it is running as a Charitable Hospital since 1997 with focus on Mother and Child Health Care.

More than 100 bed s, Gynecology and Children Departments separately. The charitable hospital also has out patient departments for daily patients, male and female. Ayurvedic and Homeopathic clinic and a Pathological lab, best of facility at a very economic rate and is open for everyone.

The present board of the charitable hospital consists of President Om Prakash Mal, Vice President Chandra Ratan Lakhania and Secretary Surendra Kumar Agarwal under whose direction the charitable hospital is taking new heights.

Every year during the month December January, the hospital organizes Yearly Healthy Baby – Check up and Competitions for babies between 3 months to 1 years, 1 years to 3 years, 3 years to 5 years. Free Health Check up and Award for Health Babies, Parents care and guidance are given thereof.

Matri Mangal Pratisthan is now planning a Nursing Training Centre from where the future nurse for the service of humanity can be prepared. Though Matri Mangal Pratisthan doesn’t believe in publicity, but can be reached out in the following address.

Matri Mangal Pratisthan

228, Rabindra Sarani

Kolkata – 700007

Mobile: +919831399800