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Featured Products

Vapoheal Vapourizer


Vapoheal:Simple and Easy to use steamer. Key Benefits: Relieves: Bloc...

icon 250.00 icon 175.00

One Touch Ultra - 2


The Kit includes: Test Strips 10 Nos Blood Glucose Meter 1 unit ...

icon 2390.00 icon 2031.50

Instant Ear Thermometer - Model MC510


Gentle Temp Instant Ear Thermometer measures body temperature from the...

icon 4000.00 icon 3600.00

Omron Standard Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7203


The Omron Standard blood pressure monitor provides simple and accurate...

icon 3260.00 icon 2934.00

Latest Products

TB200 - Flexible Tip Thermometer


Features: 10 seconds measurement Flexible Tip Fever Alarm Waterproof A...

icon 250.00 icon 225.00

S150 - Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor


Features: Smart sense technology 90 memories One touch automatic opera...

icon 2790.00 icon 2371.50

AW150 - Auto BP monitor


AW150 Auto BP monitor Features: Real Fuzzy Technology Irregular Hea...

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This is the area wherein the basic details of the consumer need to be given. These include basic information like the profile of a consumer, his/her education qualifications, addresses, contact numbers, emergency information and insurance. This menu also allows the consumer to add dependants attached to his/her profile and to change his/her password.

This is an area wherein the consumer provides additional information pertaining to his/her lifestyle, vital statistics and allergies. The consumer can also track and chart his/her blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar records.

Alerts are always helpful in this fast paced age where 24 hours seem too less to anybody. Set alerts and you will be sent mails or texts at the time specified. Never again miss picking up medication, doctor or lab visits or that most important immunization that your infant requires.

This is an area where the consumer can provide detailed information on his/her health conditions, family medical history, immunizations that have been taken, usage of alternative treatments, the birth information of their infant, maintain growth charts of your infant or provide gynecological information. All these go a long way in providing the doctor with that much needed information to diagnose a condition in the future.

This is an area that the consumer will use to store his/her prescriptions, lab reports, procedures and hospitalizations. Health24x7 is the only portal that will digitize this information so that it is more useful to the consumer. This will allow the consumer to search through their records for a particular procedure or medication.

Health24x7 provides consumers the convenience of getting their health records in an instant. No more carrying important documents when travelling. Consumers can get a basic report that provides questions commonly asked by a healthcare provider or customize the report to exactly get the information they require.

The utilities page provides consumers the option of downloading a software that they can carry around with them in a pen drive. This software can be used in an emergency to retrieve a consumers health information instantly. This is one of the first software of its kind in India. On first use it synchronizes with the portal to get your health information and stores it locally. On subsequent use you can either view the locally stored data or sync to download newer information updated on the portal. This can be used in an emergency to provide information on your past health which is an invaluable resource to a healthcare provider in diagnosing or treating you or your loved ones.

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